Bazelet Oglesby is a leader in propagating elite stage IV hemp plants and seeds, and their related products and services. The Company has a current manufacturing capacity of over 10 million Stage IV plants per year. Our seeds and plants meet to exceed USDA and international compliance requirements providing certified cultivars for our customers. Bazelet Oglesby is a vertically integrated enterprise controlling 100% of our initiatives processes, starting from the development of genetics, to the plant breeding process, and to the refinement of end product ready to be sold to our clients.

Bazelet Oglesby masters three distinct areas within the hemp industry 






Bazelet regularly researches and contributes to the largest database worldwide on genetic insights for Cannabis Sativa L. Our genetics are sourced from the healthiest air, soil and water as tested anywhere on earth. These heirloom varieties are known as landraces which are pure variety strains that have not been crossbred with any other non-indigenous variety. These attributes contribute to the increased bioavailability of the cannabinoids.


As a result, Bazelet Landrace Genetics [BLG] are the world’s safest, cleanest, and most effective Cannabis Sativa L genetics. Our ability to work with these genetics are a testament to our success. 


Together with our groups in India, Israel, and the United States Bazelet has developed some of the most unique proprietary strains, curating BLG’s 2021 collection of advanced plant genetics


Bazelet has established a nationally recognized genetics and genomics program in collaboration with the molecular biology laboratories with several universities in the United States and Israel.


Our ongoing research includes dissecting the molecular and biochemical regulation of stress tolerance traits, studying the role of plant microbiome (rhizobium) interactions, genome editing for water and nutrient use efficiency, plant improvement in regionally specific environments and conditions, plant performance, and yield improvement.


Our genome sequencing will help build public breeding programs globally and provide farmers, cultivators, and regulators stable, consistent, and compliant genetics.


Bazelet and its university lab partners leverage CRISPR gene-editing and genomic sequencing technology together with our tissue culture lab where the desired specimen is grown and replicated. We then establish a base that grows into seedlings. Our elite Bazelet Genetics are being developed to meet EU and USDA seed certification requirements establishing an invaluable heirloom landrace genetics library.


At Bazelet, our focus is on breeding top quality plants to pinpoint correlations between the genetic effects of certain strains for their optimal medicinal, consumer, and industrial application. Having vertically integrated genetic development programs, enables Bazelet to breed new seedlings of elite Cannabis Sativa L genetics for our customers and the global marketplace.

Our genome sequencing will help build public breeding programs globally and provide farmers, cultivators, and regulators stable and compliant genetics.


Bazelet Oglesby forms one of the most experienced companies in plant tissue culture with intimate knowledge of the Cannabis Sativa L plant. Our Plant Tissue Culture Center [PTCC] performs a process known as micropropagation, meristem culture, and cloning. This technology aims to “clone” or otherwise reproduce many identical copies of an elite plant or strain.


The Oglesby name, founded in 1947, is well known in the ornamental plant industry and commercial growers worldwide. Today, the legacy of Ray Oglesby continues as Bazelet Oglesby, with over 90 specially trained employees that genuinely enjoy working with plants and bring the necessary technology, innovation, and teamwork to remain at the forefront of an emerging global industry.


Bazelet’s PTCC specializes in tissue culture transformation and breeding with capabilities to produce over 10 million Stage II, III, and IV hemp plants annually. Today, we offer various tissue culture related services, such as contract research and contract propagation.

Bazelet breeds new seedlings of elite Cannabis Sativa L genetics establishing an invaluable heirloom landrace genetics library.


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