Active in the plant industry since 1975 and involved in commercial plant tissue culture propagation for the past 40 years. Gary received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Ornamental Horticulture and Master of Science Degree in Horticultural Science from the University of Florida.


Early in his career Mr. Hennen went to work for Ray Oglesby, the founder of Oglesby Plants International and a globally recognized pioneer in the study of plant tissue culture. Today, the legacy of Ray Oglesby carry’s on, his protégé Mr. Hennen is now the president of Oglesby Plants International, Inc. a world leader in tissue culture propagation and production of young plants. Mr. Hennen was instrumental in the establishment of Bazelet-Oglesby, a new plant science company owned by Bazelet Health Systems and Oglesby Plants International.


Mr. Hennen oversees all business activities at the Altha, Florida campus and has been actively involved in the breeding, development and selection of new plant varieties and the use of plant tissue culture propagation to facilitate release of new plant varieties to the global horticulture industry.


Gary Hennen is the winner of many Awards including the prestigious Wendell E. Butler Award for leadership, service and industry contributions.





Dr. Jahan Marcu is a senior research director at Bazelet Health and has over 15 years of experience in cannabinoid research, policy, and operations. Among a select group globally that has earned a PhD focused on the endocannabinoid system, the structure and function of cannabinoid receptors and molecular pharmacology.


Dr. Marcu’s work facilitates fact-based, scientific approaches vital to industry and patients. His efforts include the development of international certification and training programs and created the first standards for industry as the committee chairman of the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA).


Dr. Marcu is the Editor-In-Chief of the American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine, a peer reviewed scientific publication distributed to over 40,000 US physicians. He is the founder and past-chair of the Cannabis Chemistry Sub-division of the American Chemical Society.


Dr. Marcu has received awards including the Mahmoud ElSohly award in cannabis chemistry and the Billy Martin research achievement award. He is a court-qualified synthetic cannabinoid and cannabis expert. His work has been published in publications such as Science, Nature, JAMA, the Washington Post, CNN, and other media outlets.






A former Lieutenant, pilot and surgeon for the US Navy, Dr. Salsburg is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and was a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and was a Commissioned Colonel and Chief Medical Officer of headquarters staff, U.S. National Defense Corps.


Dr. Salsburg is a graduate of Cornell University and the SUNY Medical School. He completed his residency program in Ophthalmology at Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester, NY, where he became Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology.


Dr. Salsburg established Twin Tiers Eye Care Associates and practiced Ophthalmology there for nearly twenty years. He has been involved in numerous medical research projects on mental health, pain management, alternative medicine and on a condition known as intraocular hypertension.


A founding partner of Bazelet Health Systems, Dr. Salsburg is an active part of the company’s medical leadership and brings the wisdom from a medical career that began on the battlefield and decades of experience as a private practice surgeon.






Mr. Clinton began his career with IBM Corp. while still a student completing his undergraduate studies at Duke University.


Mr. Clinton was hired at age 22 to run a tutoring department for The Princeton Review. He then moved into corporate finance in 1999 for a fortune 1000 technology firm becoming its Sr. Financial Analyst for the billion-dollar corporation. A year after receiving his MBA from Vanderbilt University in 2007, Mr. Clinton founded Gauntlet Private Investments, an investment banking firm providing direct investment, equity structuring, small business capital loans, and advisory services.


Michael routinely speaks in seminars on finance and periodically at the Owen School of Management in Nashville, TN. He has underwritten and consulted on hundreds of million-dollar transactions. His expertise is in structured finance, business plan analysis, private equity and CRE risk assessment.


Mr. Clinton is a licensed CA real estate broker, a CCIM member candidate, currently studying for the Series 7 Exam. He sits on the board for the YMCA, and the board for the University of West Los





Ms. Banjeree is a graduate of King’s College, Cambridge, England and formal education in environmental science medicine from National University of Singapore, a comprehensive research university.


Anaheeta originates from a place high above India at family SAMA farms, land never touched by civilization, a place with the healthiest air, soil and water as tested anywhere on earth. Her life’s work has built an expansive knowledge in Cannabis Sativa L breeding top quality hemp and cannabis to pinpoint correlations between genetic effects of certain strains for their optimal medicinal and consumer application.


Ms. Banerje leads Bazelet Genetics discovery and research group in India and curator of Bazelet Landrace Genetics [BLG], the world’s safest, cleanest, and most effective cannabis genetics.


Ms. Banjeree has led the discovery and development to many of Bazelet’s proprietary strains and is working with the Bazelet Genetics team in the US and Israel preparing the company’s 2020 and 2021collectiion of advanced genetics.





Mr. Grand has studied and worked with scientific research labs in the US, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, Mexico, Canada, Israel, United Kingdom, Nepal, India and and even in depth study in Cuba.


An international development professional engaged in healthcare, new technology and the Cannabis Industry having traveled the world much of the last ten years studying firsthand, the origins of the cannabis sativa species, its cultural history and use throughout civilization.


David has a commanding knowledge of the molecular structure of cannabis sativa L and oversees the ongoing research for the company and Bazelet’s acclaimed heirloom genetics: Bazelet Landrace Genetics [“BLGs”].


Mr. Grand is a leading researcher one of the most extensive cannabinoid related research ever compiled on the safety and effectiveness of products containing cannabinoids. He was involved in an in-depth collaboration with Dr. Ethan Russo related to confidential research with GW Pharmaceutical regarding cannabis regulatory affairs.


Mr. Grand manages a highly effective news platform keeping him up to date of legislation, economic impacts, products and education regarding cannabis





Mr. Coterel is a master plant breeder, working internationally in plant science and plant breeding for more than two decades. Mr. Coterel has worked extensively in science labs and the farm environment bringing demonstrated knowledge and experience of plant breeding, pest and disease control, plant physiology, weed management and replant problems.


Mr. Coterel leads the Bazelet Oglesby plant breeding team and its unprecedented genome sequencing work as it is building public breeding programs globally to provide farmers, cultivators and regulators safe, effective, reliable and federally compliant plant genetics including the company’s newest plant variety Cannabis America.


Traveling between the Bazelet Oglesby tissue culture lab and nursery in Florida, company client sites and the science lab at Lincoln University’s hemp institute, Mr. Coterel is researching, testing and furthering the development of the Bazelet Landrace Genetics program.


When Mr. Coterel is not working with plants you will find him spending his time managing and nourishing numerous industry relationships he has established in North America and Europe. Currently James is involved with Bazelet Health’s multi-campus research and learning initiative with Historically Black Colleges and Universities





As the Nursery General Manager at Oglesby Plants International, Lee brings over 30 years of experience in stock management and the production of young plants, specializing in day length sensitive plants.


Combined with his pioneering work and continued technical expertise at Oglesby Plants International in micro propagation, Lee is a key partner in supporting the needs of OPI’s customers at all levels.





Zalman is an early entrepreneur founding Gold Empire Partners, a real estate focused private equity firm at the age of 23. Prior to Gold Empire Partners, Zalman had launched a concierge tutoring education platform named Collaborative Minds, bridging teachers and students in a custom learning format.


Prior to Bazelet, Zalman was the Chief Intelligence Officer at Canergy Capital, a Health and Wellness Private Equity Incubator Fund. Zalman ensured a complete awareness of trends, competition in global markets, and communicated these to the enterprise. Zalman was pivotal in aggregating critical research and data for the launch of Canergy’s Private Placement Memorandum (PPM). This work required an in-depth analysis and market knowledge as well as expert content and authoring abilities to address potential investors with salient and relevant information. Following that, Zalman supported the Business Development & Operations team by Project Managing various company endeavors.


Zalman graduated from the Talmudic College of Florida with a Bachelors in law and had studied three years abroad at a University in Israel. Zalman is an expert researcher with exceptional analytical skills and creative ability.

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